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5 top tips grooms need to know

8th November 2014 Groom, Hair

All the attention are usually on the bride-to-be - Finally we are dedicating a post for our grooms as well.  Have a look at our top tips for grooms. 1.  Get your hair trimmed at least 7 to 10 days…

Teeth whitening

14th May 2013 Beauty, Bride, Groom

Teeth whitening for the bride and groom in the comfort of their own home.  Heshow Hoshyar uses the latest blue light (laser) technology on the UK market AND she is mobile - how convenient!  In just 1 hour you can…

The bride and groom detox

30th April 2013 Beauty, Bride, Groom

We at weddinghairandmakeuplondon are very excited to offer our brides a bit more for their special day introducing the bride and groom detox. Loose up to 7 -10 pounds in 9 days.     Detox the healthy way. No cravings, energize your…