Prepping your skin for your wedding day takes time and should start well in advance of the wedding day.  We recommend refreshing your skin up to 3 months before the wedding.  The better the canvas the better the makeup will appear on the wedding day.  Get a spring in your step this summer by following these few simple beauty tips to make sure your wedding makeup will be perfect on the wedding day.

Start double cleansing your face in the evening to get ride of makeup and dirt.  Make sure you are using the correct products for your skin type.  You can pop into any beauty contour to get some advice and samples to test for your skin type.

Pump up your vitamins.  Vitamin E and your Omega fatty acids are really good to give you that extra glow and moisture your skin from the inside.  Include more water in your diet to stay hydrated.

Summer is not complete with out a golden hue, so opt for a fake tan to be a bronze goddess on the wedding day.  Test out a few different tans before the time to make sure you have the right one for the special day.  We like to fake it with adding I little bit of bronzer in our favourite foundation and body lotion to give a slow build up to the perfect look.

Avoid stress.  I am sure no women has ever managed this before the wedding.  If you are not the keep calm and carry on type we recommend some gentle exercise to help keep the high cortisol levels low.  High cortisol levels makes the skin look grey and lifeless.   Drastic anti-stress measures – arrange for a few spa days with the girls  before the wedding:)

Wedding skin