We at weddinghairandmakeuplondon are very excited to offer our brides a bit more for their special day introducing the bride and groom detox.

Loose up to 7 -10 pounds in 9 days.     Detox the healthy way. No cravings, energize your skin and body and feel the difference.  An easy-to-follow 9 day program to kick-start your weightloss plan.  Clean 9 puts you on the path to a cleaner, healthieir, happier you, whilst cleansing your body of unnatural chemicals. Contact me via my contact form on my website for a consultation and I will provide you with more information.

To all my lovely brides who want to look and feel their best on their special day.


Soon to follow:  teeth whitening for the bride and groom and tiaras that does not cost you an arm and a leg.