Even if the groom can’t understand it, wedding hairdos is an incredibly important part of a girl’s big day. It’s something that many brides can spend days, weeks, even months deciding upon. To give you a bit of a helping hand here’s my guide to some of the most popular hairdos chosen by brides up and down the country.

Sleek wedding hairdos
Up dos are one of the most popular styles of wedding hairdo any hairdresser gets asked to do. It’s such a classy look and for many brides it’s a world away from how they normally style their hair. There are so many styles to choose from as well. Currently popular are low buns and soft curls swept up to the middle of the head with some tendrils escaping. A shine mist gives it the sleek, healthy look all brides want. Add in a plait or two for a contemporary take on the classic up do.
Second only to wedding hairdos on the bridal hair list is curls. Cascading curls work well for most hair types although usually the longer the hair is, the better. I like to sweep them to the side for a Hollywood glamour feel. Pinning some curls up gives a halfway house between an up do, which for some is too formal, and wearing your hair fully down.
Probably the most divisive of all wedding hairdos, the boho style splits opinion, with some loving its casual appearance and others thinking it needs a good brush! To get it right the hair must be in great condition (get those heat treatments on your hair girls!), be frizz free (hello products!) and subtle. Add fresh flowers for girly elegance.
These types of dos are usually extremely intricate with rolls and pin curls placed in exact patterns. A lot of hair spray keeps a vintage do looking perfect well into the night. Silver fascinators are often used to embellish these styles and add even more glamour. We like!
The braid remains extremely popular for brides. There are so many variances on it – from tiny plaints subtly threaded through curls and waves to intricate side plaits that really make a statement. Think about the type of veil (if any) you’ll be wearing as some styles – side plaits in particular – don’t work that well with veils.
Whatever style you go for don’t forget to think about the accessories you’re adding as well as that all important veil. And if you’re still undecided, have a few practice runs before the big day to make sure you’re 100% happy with the style you choose.