You have asked about your wedding hair and we have delivered!  See below our top tips to create the wedding hair style of your dreams.


  1.  How do I add body to my fine and mid-length hair?

There are very affordable and quick options available to boost your locks.  Clip in extensions are great to add thickness and length to your wedding hair.  The best hair extensions would be real human hair that is widely available at many hair salons.  They can be curled and styled without any damage.

2.  How can I get more shine into my hair?

A healthy diet and lifestyle is key to create natural shining hair.  Off coarse you can have a little help with great products.  Invest in a deep conditioning treatment for dry and matte hair.  A good styling oil will help nourish your hair and add an extra shine to your crown.

3.  Can I fix split ends?

No.  You need to cut your hair to get rid of split ends.  A good styling serum will help smooth down split ends and held them together for a short period.  Avoid excessive heat styling and back combing.

4.  How long before the big day should I colour my hair?

We recommend a week before the wedding.  This will give your hair time to settle and to repair any possible disasters.  We do not recommend experimenting with a new colour before the wedding.

5.  Can I wash my hair on the day of the wedding?

Day old hair is often easier to work with and hold a style easier.  It also depends on the wedding hair style you are going for on your big day.  Best to confirm this with your wedding hair stylist on the day.  If you have greasy hair and you will feel more confident on the day, wash it on the wedding day.

6.  What hair style will complement my face shape?

Its all about balance.  An oval face shape suits most hair styles.  Round and square face shapes works best with some height on the crown and the heart shape needs more width at the jawline.  Long faces needs more width on the side to create a fuller face shape.

The wedding team.